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Online football tickets shop - Official ticket partner agent

Online football tickets shop - Official ticket partner agent

Terms & Conditions

Website Owner : Barcelona.com, Inc. ( www.Barcelona.com )

General information in compliance with Spanish Law 34/2002

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Website purpose
The purpose of this website is both to provide information on the sports and musical events held in Spain and to offer the possibility of purchasing tickets for those events.

Website user conditions
The User commits him/herself to use this website, its contents, products and offered services in accordance with the applicable laws, the present website General Conditions of Use, the moral and good manners generally accepted and the public order. The User must refrain from:

  1. Using the website contents, products and services for purposes or effects that are illicit.
  2. Accessing or trying to access the website restricted areas without complying with the access required conditions.
  3. Introducing or spreading computer viruses or any other physical or logic systems that could cause damages or losses to the physical or logic systems of the domain owner, its suppliers or third parties.
  4. Trying to access, use and/or manipulate the domain owner’s data as well as the suppliers’ or other users’ data.
  5. Suppressing, hiding or manipulating the notes on intellectual or industrial property rights and other ID data belonging to the website owner or to third parties incorporated into the Contents, as well as the protection technical devices or other information mechanisms that might be introduced in the Contents.
  6. Obtaining and trying to obtain the Contents, products and services by using means or procedures other than the ones that have been made available for this purpose or that are indicated expressly in the web pages which host them or, in general, other than the ones regularly used on the Internet for they can not cause any damage or disable the Website and/or its Contents.
  7. The user commits him/herself not to perform any fraudulent transactions. If any evidence of fraud is found, the authorities will immediately be informed.


The website owner shall not be held responsible for those data, websites or files that can be accessed through links that are displayed among the website contents, because those sites or files are managed by third parties under their own responsibility. Therefore, this website neither controls nor exercises supervision or approves the products, services, contents, information, data, files and any other kind of material included in these linked sites. So, in compliance with LSSICE, the company declines any responsibility regarding the information that falls outside this website. If a competent authority confirmed the illicitness of these data, requested their withdrawal, refused the access to them, or else declared the existence of damage and we were expressly notified the corresponding resolution; those links would be immediately withdrawn.

Some terms and logos mentioned in this website, both indirectly and for informative purposes only, constitute brands registered by their respective owners. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for an inappropriate use of those brands by third parties.
The website owner is an independent society with no relation whatsoever with the institutions or companies that own the above-mentioned brands.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
The provision of our ticket partner website service and conditions of use are ruled by the Spanish Law. In case of disagreement in the performance, interpretation, fulfilment of these Conditions, or in the relations between the user and our ticket partner, both parties expressly waive any other privileges that might correspond to them and agree to submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Law Courts and Tribunals of Girona.

Legal notice acceptance
The present conditions do regulate and are applicable to those sales performed from our ticket partner website. If you perform a booking that will mean that you have read and accepted the present sales conditions. If you wish, you can print a copy of the present document in order to provide future references as well as well as its knowledge. If you do not accept or don't agree with any of the terms and conditions herein established, please leave the site or, otherwise, we will consider that you do accept them.

Any data shown corresponding to our employees, customers or any other data published in our site shall be treated with complete confidentiality. The website owner guarantees the application of the most strict controls for the automated treatment of personal data provided by customers and providers in compliance with the Spanish laws in force.

The website owner states that the site is in full compliance with the laws on Personal Data Protection and the Organic Law 15/1999, from 13th of December, specifically, as well as other regulations in force.

Access personal code
On the assumption that you were given the possibility of creating a password in order to access the restricted use areas, you would be the only person to use it and, therefore, the only one to be held responsible for the activities performed under such access personal code. To that end you will have to select some characters not easily identifiable and keep them secret. Facilitating, using or trying to decrypt the access code from others as well as providing it to other unauthorized people will be considered as a serious violation of the security norms.

Information Accuracy
The website owner does not guarantee that the information herein contained is accurate and complete. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the website owner be held responsible for any loss, either directly or indirectly, caused as a consequence of a decision made based on the information herein provided. The current site contents can be changed or cancelled at any time without prior notice. The company reserves its right to improve or change the products, services or programs any moment and without prior notice.

Intellectual Property
You can make quotes or refer to the information herein published as well as copying the contents only for exclusive and personal use. In any case you will have to request express authorization if you want to distribute it to other people. In order to request such authorization, you must send an e-mail here. Please include your name, address and telephone number, as well as a description of whatever you want to copy, to whom you want to distribute it and by which means.

Hypertexts/Links/Connections to other Sites in the Internet
The website may at times offer you the possibility to access other net sites which do not belong to our organization. These connections are purely for information purposes and the access to any of them will be performed under the exclusive surfer's responsibility since they are beyond our control. We do not guarantee their quality, accuracy or suitableness. On no account may such connections be considered as an extension of our website nor the points of view expressed. We have nothing to do with the products or services supplied or sold by them. Any matter regarding them shall be addressed to the owners of such sites. However, if you noticed any information contrary to law, people's dignity, racial groups, and so on, please let us know by sending us an e-mail to the address shown above in order to study the convenience of cancelling them. The visitor should be cautious when clicking on items in order to make sure they are virus free or do not contain programs that may contaminate or be of a destructive nature. THE WEBSITE HOLDER SHALL NEVER BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS, WHETHER IT BE DIRECT OR INDIRECT, CASUAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL, CAUSED BY THE USE OF THIS WEBSITE OR ANY OTHER CONNECTIONS FROM THIS SITE TO OTHERS.

Products and Services
The website holder refuses any guarantee regarding this Site or its use, whether it be express, implicit, or of any other nature, including but not limited to any guarantee related to trade or any other specific use. We insist on the fact that the website holder shall under no circumstances whatsoever be held responsible for any damage resulting from the correct or incorrect use of this site or from the information herein contained.

Contract Terms
A contract is considered valid between the website holder and the customer booking the product or service herein offered once the customer has confirmed the requisites by sending the online form by e-mail to the website holder and the latter has accepted the reservation.

Contract Purpose
The purpose of the contract between the users and the website holder is none other than the purchase of tickets -with or without hotel rooms- for sports, musical or cultural events held both in Spain and abroad, where the Ticket Package service, in Spain or the rest of Europe, is included.

The website holder is an independent Spanish company that has no relationship whatsoever with Real Madrid , FC Barcelona or any other institution, acting freely and exempt from any liability to the above-mentioned institutions.

Deposit / Full amount
A non-refundable deposit of 100% of the full cost of the booking must be paid when the booking is accepted. The price paid is the price shown on the website on the date and at the time of the booking and accepted by the client when sending the online form by e-mail. If the payments terms are not fulfilled, the website holder reserves the right to cancel and reassign the bookings without prior notice.

Events schedule, date changes and refunds
The different events may, by reasons beyond Madrid-football-tickets control and under the Organizers’ responsibility, modify their due date and time, especially, football matches. It is usual to move games to the previous Saturday or to Sunday evenings as well as other changes. The date and time changes do not entitle ticket-holders to return tickets if they have bought the ticket package. Therefore, there will be no economic refunds.

Pricing Policy
Our prices are significantly higher than the tickets face value. When the customer performs a booking, he/she is explicitly accepting the difference in price over the face value of the ticket, due to changes in supply and demand, the level of difficulty and cost of obtaining and selling it and, most importantly, the cost involved in the sending and delivering of the tickets on time to the agreed addresses as well as the structure and advertising costs.
The website holder informs the users and customers that the price charged is much higher than the face value price of the ticket, a situation that the he/she accepts. Obtaining the tickets for big events is a very difficult and expensive process and even more when the venue has sold out. That is why obtaining tickets causes large expenses to the website holder. The final price includes all of them.

Cancellations and right to voluntary dismissal
Changes, cancellations or refunds will not be accepted for bookings made by credit card, once the booking has been accepted by the website holder. If for whatever reason the event was cancelled or the organizers changed its dates and the customer wanted a refund, only the ticket face value would be refunded.
As established in article 44 of Law 7/1996 from the 15th of January on Retail Commerce (Ordenación del Comercio Minorista) we inform you that our products, due to their special nature, are not subject to the Right to voluntary dismissal.

Hotel cancellations
Changes, cancellations or refunds will not be accepted for bookings made by credit card once the booking has been accepted by the website holder.
If for whatever reason one of our customers requested the cancellation or refund of a booking, we would study the case and agreements with hotels, wholesale travel agencies, etc., in order to decide whether the refund is possible or not, or else, in its absence, which cancellation commission would be applicable -the cancellation commission is of 25% to 100% .

Liability over the mailings

  1. In all the agreements that include third parties, the website holder will act only as the customer agent and the website holder will not be liable in any way whatsoever regarding that governing an agreement with third parties.
  2. The website holder will not be liable in case of non-compliance by the Post Office or other delivery services employed to undertake the delivery on time. The website holder will not be liable for the loss or robbery of items while these are in the process of being delivered by the Post Office or other delivery services employed to perform the delivery of the mentioned items. Although all the measures necessary are taken to ensure the tickets reach their agreed destination on time, in the case of failure in supplying the tickets by the Post Office or the messenger companies employed, the website holder will not be liable for the situation. If the error is made by the website holder its liability will involve refunding in full the amount paid by the customer.
  3. The website holder acts as a middleman on his/her behalf before the actual suppliers of the services. Although we try to pass on any claim that you have, our liability to the customer will be restricted to the supplier's policy and will be limited to the service and quantity billed.
  4. The customer must provide our company all the requested data about the destination place of the tickets. This information shall be made available 6 days before the event, at least. If this is not fulfilled, the customer must assume the non-reception of the tickets on time.


Liability over the product
The website holder reserves his right to unilaterally amend or change the configuration of the website without prior notice as well as change or modify the prices according to the current market policy and modify the general contract terms and conditions. Any change will be included in this legal notice.
All sales made are definitive. Once the sale has been made, the order being processed cannot be cancelled.
All ticket packages are subject to availability.
When buying more than one ticket for the same event of any kind whatsoever, the website holder cannot guarantee that the tickets location will be together, although the website holder will always try and make every effort to ensure that the tickets correspond to seats that are placed together or as close as possible.

When buying more than one ticket for the same event of any kind whatsoever, the website holder cannot guarantee that the tickets location will be together, although the website holder will always try and make every effort to ensure that the tickets correspond to seats that are placed together or as close as possible. If a customer receives tickets that are not sequential, he/she will not be entitled to a refund or compensation, even when he/she has informed us about his/her wish of getting sequential seats. The customer knows that getting sequential tickets may not be 100% possible -as it is expressed under the terms and conditions herein described- and he/she accepts such situation when making the payment.
In the case whereby a sale has been made and even when the customer has obtained the ticket order confirmation from the website holder, due to the nature of our business, it is possible that the tickets may not be obtained. In such case the only website holder's liability will be to refund 100% of the amount paid by the client, who will have no right to any further claim or compensation.

If for whatever reason whatsoever the website holder could not provide the ticket in the requested category, the customer will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid or will be given the possibility to replace it for another ticket of an inferior category or different. In this case, the difference in the amount paid would be refunded.

These terms and conditions as well as the relationship between the user or customer and the website holder will be governed by the Spanish law. For any issue requiring legal proceedings between the customers or users and the website holder, both parties expressly relinquish any other right they may have and are subject to the exclusive legal power of the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Girona.

Validity of these stipulations or norms
If for whatever legal provision or from the Courts, any of the norms herein contained may not comply with the law, the rest of terms and conditions not affected will remain valid to all intents and purposes.

Ticket delivery to private addresses
When a customer buys tickets for a specific event and he/she orders us to deliver them to a private home, we assume that this address is reliable and that he/she authorises our ticket partner to deliver the tickets to any member living in the given address.If the buyer of the tickets shall not be in the address specified in the order when making the delivery, our ticket partner recommends him/her to use the following system: some days before the event, tell the family members living in the delivery address that they will be receiving a delivery in order to avoid surprises. Hence, once the envelope is handed over and our ticket partner proves that the tickets have been successfully delivered, the customer will become the only responsible for whatever may happen afterwards.


  1. Payment process. Users will be able to purchase our products by making the payment by Credit Card. In order to complete the purchase, the user must introduce the requested data. He/she must bear in mind that the purchase approval process takes a few minutes. So, please be patient before resubmitting the information and wait for at least 5 minutes.
  2. Invoicing. The payment through this service will be performed online by means of a credit card, either Visa or MasterCard exclusively. This service is provided through the system implemented by (Caixa Catalunya) one of the most recognized companies in the sector. This way, they will directly process the transaction related to your credit card and we won’t have access to your credit card data. Your data confidentiality is guaranteed. These data will not be used for any purposes other than the management of the buying and selling procedure that is being performed. These data will be automatically encrypted through the Secure Server Layer (SSL) protocol with a key length of 128 bits. If you want to know more about this company’s privacy policy, click here
  3. Data protection.
  4. Refunds and returns. According to the Spanish Retail Commerce Law (Ley de Ordenación del Comercio Minorista), this type of contracts is among the exceptions that the Law establishes to exercise the right to dismissal.
  5. Obligations. The user commits him/herself not to perform any fraudulent transactions. If any evidence of fraud is found, the authorities will be immediately informed.
    On the other hand, the website holder commits itself to the good functioning and performance of this website. However, the website holder shall not be held responsible for the possible technical problems or force majeure that may arise and may make it difficult to access the site; though the website holder will always try to solve any problems that may occur.